Walk-in closets. Modular system of storage shelves or classic.

 In a modern apartment or house often allocate a separate room to store things. It can be in the bedroom, in the hallway, in the office . Someone calls her dressing room , someone just dressing . Seemingly separate room for storage - it's great . But how can it be equipped with that and how to place - easy to ask these questions , but not so easy to find an answer . Let's start with equipment for dressing rooms . What to choose? Special dressing or furniture to order ?

 To answer this question it is necessary to define the style of your room .

 Minimalism , this style is characterized by a minimum number of items , clear shapes, bright elements on a monochrome background. Usually plain painted walls . Furniture made of modern materials : steel, glass , aluminum. Art Deco style emphasizes rationality home. Furniture should not overload the interior . At the same time , this style should show the success of the owner. Kitsch , eclectic - a mixture of styles. For kitsch style characteristic is incompatible veschi.Skandinavsky style , functional, simple, but at the same time cozy and sophistication. For these interiors you can safely ipolzovat wardrobe systems. Easy to assemble , easy to upgrade , easy layout allow dressing to begin operation in a couple of hours.

 Classicism , different luxury and wealth . Modernity, characterized by rounded shapes , luxurious materials . Ethnic style repeats certain inherent features styles nationality. For these styles can be used in the dressing room furniture made of natural materials , more rarely MDF or chipboard.

 Significant role in the choice of dressing is the final price of the system and the cost of failure . If you use the team dressing room system , the development of different variants of the elements available to the common user . Any mistakes and errors are eliminated during the assembly simple replacement of components. Installation and assembly is easy. Originally mounted rail carrier , and then on this design simply suspended other elements dressing .

 Count dressing made ​​of wood, MDF or particleboard should constructor . It must take into account both elements are joined to protect the edge from damage , how to assemble 's structures in the narrow room . Design errors in the design to eliminate on-site difficult, and sometimes impossible . Data assembly wardrobe should implement installers using special tools and equipment.

 From this we can determine the sequence of actions when choosing a wardrobe for an apartment or house :

1. Determine the style of the room .

2 . Determine the appointment of the room ( it will only be dressing for storing clothes or dressing room with storage ) .

3 . Determine the list of things that you will hranitit in wardrobe . Be sure to determine the required amount of clothes hangers. Do not forget about the stock hangers.

4 . Decide on the door to the dressing room . Consider the location, opening the door .

5 . Decide on the location or the location , consider the lighting and switch. Lighting element can become hot during operation .

6. Compose scan walls and pre- draw to scale your dressing room.

7. Long shelf place at 50 cm from the ceiling . You can use this space to store seasonal items.

8. Quantity shuflyadok baskets or equal to the number of users plus one dressing .

 In the next article we will discuss how to design a dressing room for an apartment in a practical example .


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